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I am an artist, and when it comes to financial issues, I am in scary territory. Elizabeth has helped me understand the numbers and translate the policy-speak. What's more, she has guided me - with great diligence, compassion, and humor - in formulating a healthy, stress-busting financial plan!  I highly recommend her!

Susan F., Durham, NC


Insurance and Medicare can be confusing.


I have worked with Elizabeth for three years now, she has provided clear choices, excellent advice, and has made the process of selection and enrollment very easy.


Her service is top notch and I trust her. I cannot think of a reason not to use her services. 

Mark R., Asheville, NC


Elizabeth gave my Mother great comfort in knowing that she has the right insurance supplement that works for her needs.  I think she had been worried in the past, about overpaying for her medical insurance and maintaining her budget.  I have not seen my Mother this happy in a long time!  Elizabeth is a great resource of information  and I highly recommend her as a passionate and honest ambassador to help others with their insurance needs.

Dawn W., Asheville, NC


Elizabeth brings to the puzzle of finding the perfect insurance program for each individual, her deep understanding of people, and her wide experience and training in dealing the the corporate world.

Charlotte T., Monetery, CA


Elizabeth is the most knowledgeable person I have ever worked with in the insurance industry.  She is patient, thorough, and she has all the answers.  She truly cares about her clients.  She is my choice for all my insurance needs.

Robert B., Unicoi, TN


It is my privilege to write a letter of recommendation for Elizabeth Yaruss, who brilliantly served as my insurance agent over the last two years. She guided me through my options within the health care system, clarifying an unfathomably complicated system with deft and ease.  Because of Elizabeth’s scope of knowledge, as well as her unyielding dedication to her clients, I now have wonderful health care coverage at an affordable rate. In addition to acquiring health care coverage, Elizabeth assisted me in understanding and preparing the documentation needed to keep my subsidy. She is, in short, one of the most capable and organized professionals I have had the pleasure of working with.

Nicole G., Asheville, NC


**The following is an actual message from Diane to Elizabeth**


Hey Elizabeth this is Diane.  It's late so I’m glad you didn’t answer personally but I just want to personally thank you so much for supporting me with all my medicare and health stuff.  I just got my F supplement card in the mail today!  It did arrive and I’m very grateful for the way you are so available and so thorough in addressing my concerns.  You are such a great person to have on my team.  It is easy to appreciate you.  Thank you!

Diane R., Hendersonville, NC


Good morning, Elizabeth,  Just want to let you know how very much you are appreciated!  Thank you so much for helping me get through long established energy patterns of resistance (you may have noticed...) and into a more comfortable and confident place in the world of personal finances. Have a fun and relaxing day.


Judith D., Lake Lure, NC

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