"It has been my honor and privilege to have worked with all of you. Thank you for helping me achieve the President's Club Honor.  I look forward to continuing to serve all of you, your friends and your family."

Medicare Life Annuities insurance in Asheville

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​Elizabeth Yaruss

Elizabeth Yaruss

Licensed Insurance Agent


With more than 25 years of experience, I am eminently qualified to assist you in meeting all of your insurance needs.

Need help navigating the transition into the world of Medicare? I can help you understand the complexities and choices available to you.

I represent most of the top insurance carriers in the country/USA; which means more opportunities to find you the perfect solution that fits your lifestyle.​​

I work with people from all walks of life; all ages; who have all different levels of financial resources. 

The #1 anxiety I hear from my clients is not having enough money:

  • My young clients worry about not having enough money to protect their young families.
  • My middle age clients worry about not having enough to support their families and then to send their kids to college.
  • My senior clients worry about out living their money.

My time, energy, and expertise empower my clients to take charge of their future.